We select our students through a collaborative process designed to ensure that the impact we deliver really does change the odds

We use widening participation criteria, based on the Office for Students ‘Equality of Opportunity Risk Register’ , and work hand-in-hand with heads of 6th form and teachers to determine eligibility.

Each student completes a written application and undergoes a video interview to ensure they will benefit from the Foundation’s programme and that we are able to support them effectively.

Our schools

We’ve partnered with schools all over the country

Who We Fund

We encourage students who satisfy widening participation criteria to apply

Whilst we consider a range of measures, taking our lead from the Office for Students students Equality of Opportunity risk register, our students usually meet at least one of the following:

The University Preparation Programme has taught me many valuable lessons such as building my communication skills and gaining confidence. It has empowered me to develop my knowledge and understanding in regards of what university is suitable for me and the subject I want to study.

2021 Cohort